Million Up For Apple 3G iPhone And Dell’s $3m Twitter Windfall

This is my kind of blog. Digital Stats does exactly what it says on the tin – it is a collection of “interesting and surprising statistics about digital media and devices”. 

It doesn’t try and do anything else. Just that. Which is probably why it is one of 5% of blogs that survives beyond the initial burst of enthusiasm (*see below).

It’s curated by Dan Calladine. By day he’s a research director at a digital marketing agency called Isobar. The author points out that this is a personal – not a company – blog but there’s clearly a lot of crossover between the day job and the night blog.

Anyway, here are five things I’ve learned thanks to Dan:

  1. Apple sold one million 3G iPhones in first weekend
  2. 70% of Japanese social networkers access via mobile most often
  3. One billion Facebook chat messages are sent every day
  4. Dell claims it has generated $3m in sales via Twitter
  5. *95% of blogs are abandoned

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