The Hyperlocal Paradox

My latest piece for was published yesterday, Hyperlocal: Five steps to kick-start the local news revolution.

I guess it’s a mini-manifesto for what is potentially the most interesting platform for journalism in the coming years. My five points:

1. Find out what’s out there

2. Share ideas

3. Share resources

4. Share content

5. Engage government.

Simple, right? And the paradox?

The strength of hyperlocal is also its weakness – disparate projects in far-flung places.

But here’s the thing. What works in KW1 – the business model, the editorial proposition – is likely to work just as well in TR19.*

You’ll have to read the piece if you don’t know where KW1 or TR19 are…

Related: Hyperlocal: So What’s Going On In Your Backyard?

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