So How Much Is Twitter’s Free Media Coverage Worth?

Advertising Age in the US has tracked down some interesting / inevitable research which has attempted to calculate the buzz around Twitter in terms of advertising and marketing spend.

And the magic figure is $48m over a 30 day month. News-monitoring service VMS based its figure on the 2.73bn impressions generated by free media. Contributions break down like this:

  • TV – 57%
  • Newspapers – 37%
  • Magazines – 5%

Apparently, CNN name-dropped Twitter more than its rival Fox News but the latter network delivered more “PR value”.

The numbers could well be conservative given there’s no allowance for smaller US newspapers and media. And, of course, there’s no notion of the global impact.

As a point of comparison, Microsoft’s marketing and PR blitz around the launch of its Bing search engine generated 63m impressions, or $573,834.

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