Tracking Obama’s Global Appeal, YouTube-Style

One of the by-products of social media is that it reaches people and places in the sort of numbers conventional platforms cannot reach. Let’s call it the Heineken effect.

So Flickr has become the go-to place for pictures, Twitter for news and views, YouTube for video.

If you want to be seen or heard in difficult to reach places, you need to be on the social media platforms that have hit critical mass. Or at least link from those sites.

Some fascinating number-crunching from Micah Sifry, blogging on the Personal Democracy Forum techPresident, provides first hand evidence of this phenomenon.

Using publicly available YouTube usage metrics, Sifry has tracked the popularity of various speeches made by US President Barack Obama.

Here’s a snapshot:


Just like the US President, you need to stop being precious about your own content. Make it available, make it embeddable and extend your reach.

 – What Chris Brown’s YouTube Apology Tells Us About New Media
 – G20, YouTube And The Three Phases of Amateur Video

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