‘I Consider Google News A Gift, Newspapers Consider It Theft.’

The folk at Random House assured me it would be with me yesterday. Yet the postman didn’t even ring once. So no copy of Chris Anderson’s latest, Free: The Future of a Radical Price.

So I’ll have to make do with a rather hostile review by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker and this group interview with the Guardian.

Anderson popped into ITN when promoting The Long Tail for a similar discussion. If memory serves it was under Chatham House rules, which subsequently strikes me as odd – and denies us any record of a fascinating, if sprawling, discussion.

Anyway, some interesting tidbits from the Guardian chat:

On publishing models
“More people write for attention than money.”

“Give away the head and charge for the tail.”

“The problem is that there aren’t many premium newspapers.”

On the role of Google News in aggregating traffic
“I consider that a gift, but newspapers consider it theft.”

The full report of the interview is here.