Top 10 News Aggregators In The UK

Another interesting piece of number crunching from the people at Hitwise.

Robin Goad began the week looking at the Ashes effect on the UK internet landscape (mixing business and pleasure, I suspect).  He ends it by looking at the relative power of aggregators in disseminating the stuff of news producers.

The peg? The entrance of a relative newcomer in the shape of Bing News Search. And Bing is straight in at, er, number nine:

Top 10 News Aggregators in the UK

  1. Google News UK (36% of visits)
  2. NewsNow (20%)
  3. Digg (12%)
  4. Stumble Upon (9%)
  5. Ezine Articles (7%)
  6. Google News (6%)
  7. Google Reader (4%)
  8. Reddit (2%)
  9. Bing News Search (2%)
  10. NetVibes (1%)

(source: Hitwise, w/e 22 August 2009)

Goad notes:

Last week just over three quarters of Bing News Search’s traffic came from other Microsoft properties, particularly MSN UK and the main Bing search page.

So where are these aggregators sending people? Google News is largely sending people where you would expect. The news sites with the largest reach (BBC, Telegraph and Mail Online among them) are receiving most referrals.

Bing is different. BBC remains number one but is followed by Fox News while Times of India features at number four.

What Would Google Do? Fail Quietly.
‘I Consider Google News A Gift, Newspapers Consider It Theft.’

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