The Week’s Most Read Posts (24-30 August 2009)

  1. Some see this as “narcissistic” or “self-serving,” while others see it as a way of giving credit to and appreciating the person talking about them. []
  2. Great spot from the Spectator’s multilingual Clive Davis.[]
    (tags: Spectator)
  3. So, it turns out that we don’t just follow the over-by-over stuff – fingers guiltily poised on Alt-Tab* – when we’re at work. []
  4. It is arguable whether either the music industry or the artist deserve this kind of luck, but luck they have had. []
  5. The peg? The entrance of a relative newcomer in the shape of Bing News Search. []
  6. And most unexpectedly, the BBC’s Test Match Special became the social hub. With some five million listeners sharing the experience. []
  7. Despite the demise of thelondonpaper, the layoffs at the Metro and fashionable talk of paid-for online content, the freesheets has still got a lot of life in its lungs. []

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