Wogan Wages War On The Anchorman

Ron_Burgundy_AnchormanAs I’m sure my latest hero Ron Wood will tell you, reading the news is a difficult, even dangerous, business.

Not so, says Sir Terry Wogan. The Radio 2 presenter dismisses it as a piece of cake, performed by the “self-important”.

Indeed, he says all you need to do is:

Get your good suit on and tie on, a quick dab in make up, make yourself comfy and here comes the six o’clock news, all written nicely and clearly before your eyes.

Over at the old place, Jon Snow unsurprisingly has a slightly different take. Writing on his Snowblog, the Channel 4 News presenter says:

It’s a piece of cake so long as you can absent yourself from any involvement in generating the material that you are reading.

The moment you combine newsreading with actual journalism, going after stories, trying to find out stuff, and the rest, it becomes much harder.

To say nothing of dealing with bee stings and interviewing your big boss.

 – Fox News Anchor To Rupert Murdoch: ‘Mr Chairman Sir, Why Are You So Great?’
 – Ron Wood, Anchorman: Stung On YouTube

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