From Bacon Busters to Garden & Gun, Who Says Print Media Is In Crisis?

Garden_And_GardenWhen even the venerable Reader’s Digest is in trouble, you know the state of print publishing can’t be good.

But it turns out some weird and not-so wonderful titles are in rude health.

Channelling the spirit of Have I Got News For You, online mag Asylum has compiled a list of 15 of the weirdest magazines still in print.

Among those that make the list are Bacon Busters (Playboy for pig farmers, kinda); the spectacularly un-PC Cowboys & Indians; a magazine aimed at southern American folk called Y’all; and Miniature Donkey Talk for owners of, er, miniature donkeys.

A personal favourite is Garden & Gun, strapline: “Soul of the New South”. 

Rather disappointingly it turns out that not every cover features “a genteel Southern dame on the cover who’s about to murder a harmless goose”.

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