The Week’s Most Read Posts (31 Aug – 6 Sep 2009)

  1. “F***ing bee on me. A f***ing bee just bit me.A f***ing bee just stung me.Look, a f***ing bee stung me. Look, I got stung by a bee. Motherf***er!” []
  2. Amusing clip removed from YouTube by rights owner. Why? []
  3. Digital nostalgia courtesy of the WayBackMachine, featuring BBC and New York Times websites. []
  4. “‘Information wants to be free’, that’s the cry of the internet. Unfortunately information isn’t.” []
  5. The Radio 2 presenter dismisses news reading as a “piece of cake”, performed by the “self-important”. []
  6. It was one of the more entertaining tit-for-tats of the week. The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express all ran stories about the government preparing to appoint a £120k-a-year ‘Twittercrat’. []
  7. Stats porn for the new media classes. []
  8. There has always been a suspicion that readers of The Sun buy the paper for the sport, celebrity and page 3. Politics (big P or small p) is merely filler. []
  9. Channelling the spirit of Have I Got News For You, online mag Asylum has compiled a list of 15 of the weirdest magazines still in print. []

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