UK Newspapers And Their ‘Dirty Little Secret’

A follow-up to yesterday’s piece on the most recent ABCe traffic numbers. In figures released for August, there was a uniform trend downward. On one level it can be explained away by a summertime dip, but I remain sceptical.

Now the people over at paidContent have provided another useful graph which seems to indicate that the big traffic growth of the last few years may be tailing off.

As they point out:

Save for June’s blip, news site traffic has been largely at a standstill since the New Year.

According to their own analysis, Mail Online,,, Sun Online, Times Online, Mirror Group and combined only have 469,517 more users now than they did in January.

Not terrible, but not stellar.

Perhaps a traffic standstill is coming with the plateauing of broadband take-up?

Could this be online newspapers’ “dirty little secret”, they ask. In a month, we should know.

 – Why UK Newspapers Miss The Beijing Bump

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