The Sun Shines On DC. So Wot?

the-sun-30-sep-2009Does The Sun make winners or merely back them? Does it shape public mood or simply reflect it?

David Cameron will care little so long as his Conservative Party win the next general election.

But the debate continues about the political clout of the UK’s leading national newspaper after today it ditched Labour following 12 years of support.

I argued earlier this month that the influence of The Sun is more myth than reality, but it’s a difficult, almost impossible thing to quantify.

What we do know is where the parties currently sit in the opinion polls. And despite a conference bounce, Labour still trails Cameron’s Tories by 11 points.

So while the Sun’s endorsement may add a little credibility – lustre, even – to DC and co, it can’t be described as a game-changing event.

Unless, perhaps, Labour wins a fourth term.

The Sun, Katie Price And Political Delusions

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