How Much Are Newspaper Readers Worth?

pound-coins-warren-hAnd the answer very much depends whether you are talking print or online – the disparity is huge.

The print reader’s value to a newspaper is an average of £155 a year, which breaks down as £65 from advertising sold and £90 from the price paid.

The online reader is worth just £5 – no cover price, just a fiver for advertising sold.

The figures comes courtesy of Ray Snoddy writing in the latest edition of In Publishing magazine.

Snoddy goes on to offer an instant verdict on why the disparity exists. Put simply, it’s all about face time.

According to readership surveys, a reader will spend 12 hours a month with a physical newspaper. According to ComScore, an online reader will spend just 10 minutes a month.

(Hat tip: Peter Preston | Photo credit: Warren H)

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