The Week’s Most Read Posts (28 Sep – 4 Oct 2009)

  1. What if there’s an audience out there who crave the aesthetic of the printed newspaper as much as Moleskine owners crave their little black and bound notebooks? []
  2. Associated Press – syndicater to the stars – inadvertently pushed out an internal memo rather than the news story. []
  3. Ever since Andrew Marr put the medication question to Gordon Brown yesterday, the media has turned the spotlight on the political blogosphere. []
  4. Judging by this headline from the Daily Mail, it would appear that it is open season on the dead. []
  5. Fellow blogger Malcolm Coles is conducting a medical experiment, but you’re more likely to see the results in New Media Age than The Lancet. []
  6. The Spectator and the Guardian have seen the future of charging online – and it’s the Apple iPhone. []
  7. Matt Buck cartoon []
    (tags: Hack The_Sun)
  8. If newspapers are in terminal decline who is going to pick up the mantle of accountability journalism? []
  9. Does The Sun make winners or merely back them? Does it shape public mood or simply reflect it? []

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