Who Tweets Best In Media Land?

twitter-birdI’m compiling a list of the top 25 news men and women worth following on Twitter – and I need your help.

Who makes you sit up and take notice? Who makes you laugh? Who tells you things you didn’t know? Who joins in the conversation?

In short, who gets it?

You can nominate any news person from UK media land – newspaper, TV and radio folk. They can be national figures or little known regional journalists. They can be reporters, presenters, correspondents, editors – or someone very much behind the scenes.

The only provisos:

  • they should be news people, not entertainment, niche etc
  • they should be individuals, not part of a collective Twitter feed
  • and they should use Twitter as more than glorified RSS

Nominations please via @jon_bernstein or by leaving a comment below. I’ll feature the best in my next Journalism.co.uk column.

UPDATE: here are my final (15, not 25) news Twitters to follow.


4 thoughts on “Who Tweets Best In Media Land?”

  1. Hi there, I’d like to put @richardaucock forward for the sub-category of motoring news. He’s the dep ed of Car Dealer Magazine and also managing ed of agency Motoring Research.
    His Tweets are never banal, always interesting/informative and he’s got a good balance of links vs general observations. Oh, and he’s good at Twitter convesations too.
    Rgds @Tristan_Young

  2. @CaitlinMoran always worth a laugh, @jemimakiss thought-provoking and outspoken, particularly by Twitter standards (well, it does tend to be a *nice* place to be). @bryony-gordon nicely sends herself and media land up nicely.

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