The Week’s Most Read Posts (5 – 11 Oct 2009)

  1. Not sure if I’m an aggregator, kleptomaniac or plagiarist but here goes. What follows are several very interesting quotes lifted from an Associated Press wire story hosted on Google. []
  2. Who makes you sit up and take notice? Who makes you laugh? Who tells you things you didn’t know? Who joins in the conversation? []
  3. ‘Bum Sex Scandal’ wins headline of the year. []
  4. I’ve written before about the power of newspaper headlines and the internet’s inability, so far, to emulate that sense of potency and urgency. []
  5. And the answer very much depends whether you are talking print or online – the disparity is huge. []
  6. To this non-user, at least, Kindle feels like internet-lite. []

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