RT: 15 News Men And Women To Follow On Twitter

twitter-birdSome good, some bad, mostly indifferent. As media land descends on Twitter how do you work out who are the ones worth following?

Here are some questions to ask: are they giving you a glimpse inside? Are they sharing nuggets of insight and analysis? Are they part of the conversation? Are they making you laugh? And, are they doing more than pointing an RSS feed at it?

Yes to two or more of these and you are probably on to a winner.

On Journalism.co.uk today, I’ve recommended 15 men and women from the news mainstream worth following for many of the reasons above. It’s an entirely subjective list, of course, and it is, I hope, incomplete.

Anyway, you can read much more on each over at the other place but here, in brief is the list:

National newspaper
1. Benedict Brogan
: @@benedictbrogan
who: chief political correspondent, Daily Telegraph

2. Ruth Gledhill
aka: @ruthiegledhill
who: religion correspondent, The Times

3. Bryony Gordon
who: features writer, Daily Telegraph

4. Kevin Maguire
aka: @kevin_maguire
who: associate editor (politics), Daily Mirror

5. Alan Rusbridger
aka: @arusbridger
who: editor, The Guardian
Regional newspaper

6. Alison Gow
aka: @alisongow
who: executive editor, Liverpool Echo

7. Victoria Raimes
aka: @victoriaraimes
who: news reporter, Edinburgh Evening News

8. Marc Reeves
aka: @marcreeves
who: editor, The Birmingham Post

9. Jo Wadsworth
aka: @jowadsworth
who: reporter, Brighton Argus

10. Paul Waugh
aka: @paulwaugh
who: deputy political editor, London Evening Standard



11. Krishnan Guru-Murthy
aka: @krishgm
who: presenter, Channel 4 News

12. Tim Marshall
aka: @ITwitius
who: foreign affairs editor, Sky News

13. Cathy Newman
aka: @cathynewman
who: political correspondent, Channel 4 News

14. Alex Thomson
aka: @alextomo
who: chief correspondent, Channel 4 News


15. Nicky Campbell
aka: @nickyaacampbell
who: presenter, BBC Radio Five Live

You’re bound to disagree with some of my suggestions, and highlight some missing gems. Please share – below or @jon_bernstein.


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