The Pope, Sarah Silverman and another Google Ads Fail

“Sell The Vatican, Feed The World,” comedian Sarah Silverman urges in a three minute Papal pounding routine currently doing good business on YouTube.

It’s not for the easily offended, replete with the f-word and drawings of male-genitalia. And it’s unlikely to go down a storm in the Catholic community.


“Any involvement in the holocaust, bygone,” she assures the current Pope as part of her would-be deal making. For a finishing gambit she tells him: “If you sell the Vatican to feed the world you will get crazy pussy.”

So when the in-vision contextual adverts include ‘Book Vatican tours’ and ‘Papal audience’ you’ve got to put it down as another Google Ads fail.

Google Ads. FAIL

One thought on “The Pope, Sarah Silverman and another Google Ads Fail”

  1. Maybe I missed something, but I didn’t find this video funny at all. As a Catholic, I can’t say it offended me. I just thought it was pretty juvenile stuff.

    I’m not against sending up the Church, within reason (I’ve done it quite often in print), but if you’re going to do it, then do it well. Dave Allen was brilliant at this. Sarah Silverman isn’t.

    The idea that if the Vatican was put on the market then world hunger would be solved is simplistic. Oxfam, Save the Children or any other aid and development agency would tell you that the problem of world hunger is much more complex than this.

    It might surprise MIss Silverman but the largest NGO working in Africa, for example, is the Catholic Church, which runs hundreds of hospitals, clinics, health progammes and social care centres.

    I couldn’t understand what point she was trying to make with the line about the Pope and the holocaust. As a teenager, he was forced to join the Hitler Youth (Hitler introduced this measure in 1936), but how on earth does that implicate him in the holocaust?

    My final point is this. The Catholic Church is a soft target for comedians. But I wonder if the smug Miss Silverman would make a similar video about Judaism, Islam or any other world religion? If she ever does, then she’ll have to come up with much better material than she did for this one. But from the little I know about her I think her opinions far outweigh her talent as a comedian.

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