The Week’s Most Read Posts (26 Oct – 1 Nov 2009)

  1. A self-indulgent blogger writes… []
  2. And that’s another reason why the hand-delivered letter was interesting. It brought home the potency of ‘push’ communication, when done right. []
  3. In the link economy, where access to the original source is only a click away, isn’t syndication increasingly redundant? []
  4. ‘We had already started a “close” period, during which no new self-signups or member referrals to YouGov will be invited to take part in political polls.’ []
  5. Gaming YouGov? This feels like a conspiracy too far. Only one place to turn. []
  6. Twenty hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, nearly a million blog posts each day, 600,000 new members of Facebook and around four million tweets via Twitter every 24 hours – some social media numbers are quite hard to fathom.
  7. One medium, one country? News to all those beavering away on catch up, or at its Global Content division. []

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