How to Tweet: a social media primer

Late next month (24 May) I’m running a full-day training workshop at the Frontline Club on social media — broadly, How to Tweet and How to Blog.

Here’s an extract from the blurb:

How to Tweet: a social media primer

This session will teach journalists – both in-house and freelance – how to raise their profile, extend the reach of their journalism and understand how to integrate social media into their newsgathering.

This interactive session will cover the following and more:
– Social media: understanding the basics
– Stories from the newsroom that demonstrate the power of social
– Six ways social media can help your journalism: crowd sourcing, fact checking, taste testing, finding eyewitnesses and more
– The social media audit: from Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest to Google+ and beyond, which tool suits which occasion
– How to manage your social footprint all in one place
– How to get noticed
– How to grow your follower count legitimately
– Social media: dos and don’ts.

The second half of the course deals, at similar length, with blogging.

The workshop takes place on Friday 24 May and you can find more details here.

Advert over.

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