“Twitter is about leading people to water”

Another day, another former colleague… or two.

Yesterday I quoted my old boss at the New Statesman. Today it’s Jon Snow, Channel 4 News presenter and Charlie Beckett who now runs Polis at the London School of Economics and was previously a programme editor at Channel 4 News.

Both had interesting things to say about the evolution of news in the networked age. Both were talking heads in the final part of Steve Richards’ Making News series on Radio 4.

Here’s Charlie on the ubiquity of news:

The very definition of news is shifting. It’s completely abundant. It’s almost environmental. It’s a bit like the air that we breathe … anyone can get it just about any time … [This] is completely, historically exceptional.

And here’s Jon’s take on what role Twitter really plays in the newsroom:

I think Twitter so far is the greatest asset that the journalist has managed to get hold of. And I think it has deepened the news coverage. I don’t think it has superficialised it in any way.

People think [Twitter] is about 140 characters. It’s got nothing to do with 140 characters, it’s go everything to do with leading people to water. Sometimes the water’s stale and boring, sometimes it’s deep and succulent.

You can listen to the edition in question here.

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