How to Blog . . . For reputation, profile and reach

On Friday 24 May I’m running a full-day training workshop at the Frontline Club on social media — broadly, How to Tweet and How to Blog.

Here’s an extract from the agenda for the blogging section of the day:

How to Blog . . . For reputation, profile and reach

In this session we will explore the basics of blogging, the dos and don’ts, reveal who are the masters of the craft, and layout the editorial techniques – as well as the tactics and tools – you’ll need for success.

You’ll cover a range of subjects including:
– Setting up: the basics
– When is a blog post not a blog post?
– What kind of blogger are you? The polemicist, the educator, the analyst, the observer, the magpie and more
– How to establish a tone of voice
– Frequency and variety: defining a rhythm to suit you and the reader
– Ten blogging heroes you should follow
– How to get noticed
– How to grow your traffic

The first half of the course deals, at similar length, with the use of social networks as a journalist or a communicator, in particular Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

The workshop takes place on Friday 24 May and you can find more details here.

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