Taxi! Another example of mobile disruption

Excellent piece in today’s Financial Times (£) by John Gapper on how mobile technologies are disrupting the  taxi cab business (bookings, pre-pick up notifications, likely routes, fare information etc).

Gapper notes how an advance in underlying technology invariably presages the next round of innovation and, yes, disruption. He writes:

It is often possible to imagine what technology might achieve years ahead of it happening in practice. Think of services in the dot com boom that only worked properly when broadband came. A similar turning point has finally arrived through a combination of smartphone apps, digital mapping and location tracking.

In Britain broadband went mainstream in mid-2005, four months after YouTube launched. By mainstream I mean that was the point that more homes had broadband internet access than dial-up. Now feels like a similarly key moment for mobile — a coming together, as Gapper points out, of a series of connected technologies.

You can read the whole piece here (£).