More #SocialMedia training

I’m running my next social media workshop on Tuesday 25 February. It will be in central London (venue TBC) and is being organised by the very excellent Slack Communications. You can find out more here and how to book here.

Here’s an extract from the blurb:

This one-day course aims to equip delegates with the skills needed to capitalise on the rise of social media. It’s for those who need to understand the power of social media and how to integrate it into their daily communications.

This course will include:

  • Brief history of social media
  • How social networks work and why they are so powerful
  • Stories demonstrating the effectiveness of social media from the non-profit and commercial sectors
  • Advice on which networks to use for what purposes
  • Managing and monitoring social media use
  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Essential do’s and don’ts

Who is this for?

Slack Communications believes that knowledge of social media needs to extend beyond communications staff and press teams. Consequently, our course is relevant to:

  • Those new to non-profit and SME communications
  • Experienced staff looking for a refresher
  • Staff who want to be able to understand/work better with their communications department
  • Staff on the front line or in the field who may be required to use social media

More here.


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