Mastering social media: more things worth reading

Here are some articles I’ve come across recently that I’ve found useful. At the bottom of the page there are links to previous social media reading lists, too.



Introducing the Tweet Activity Dashboard (Twitter)

What does it mean when someone favorites your Tweet? Here are 25 possible answers (Washington Post)



News Feed FYI: A Window Into News Feed (Facebook)

Facebook timing its users to crack down on ‘click-baiting’ headlines (The Guardian)

When Does A Facebook Post Get Most Traction? Sunday! (Forbes)

FB Newswire, A New Tool for Journalists (Beyond Bylines)

Best Practices for Journalists on Facebook (Facebook)



How a single LinkedIn blog post took 5 days to outperform my entire blogging output over the previous 4 years. And what we can learn from this. (Andrew Bruce Smith)

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn (HubSpot)



Understanding the Knowledge Graph (Kahena Digital Marketing)

How to Create Google+ Hangouts On Air: A Step-by-Step Guide (

What the end of Google Authorship says about the difference between search and social (The Media Briefing)


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