The Pope, Sarah Silverman and another Google Ads Fail

“Sell The Vatican, Feed The World,” comedian Sarah Silverman urges in a three minute Papal pounding routine currently doing good business on YouTube.

It’s not for the easily offended, replete with the f-word and drawings of male-genitalia. And it’s unlikely to go down a storm in the Catholic community.


“Any involvement in the holocaust, bygone,” she assures the current Pope as part of her would-be deal making. For a finishing gambit she tells him: “If you sell the Vatican to feed the world you will get crazy pussy.”

So when the in-vision contextual adverts include ‘Book Vatican tours’ and ‘Papal audience’ you’ve got to put it down as another Google Ads fail.

Google Ads. FAIL

All-Time Great Newspaper Correction

This blog’s new favourite other blog is having a busy week. Probably Bad News (strap line: ‘News Fails, because journalism isn’t dying fast enough’) is the perfect antidote to all this do-gooding, civil liberty-protecting stuff elsewhere on the web.

Probably Bad News concerns itself only with (trivial) media gaffes such as a classic Santa/Satan mix-up, a fantastic bit of government logic, and an unfortunate advertising clash on a Paralympic Games photo gallery.

For a favourite, we go back a few weeks to the type of correction you rarely see in UK papers any more:

Daily Mail, Eat Your Heart Out. This Is How To Write A Headline
One Of The Best Photo Captions Ever
Polanski, AP and An Epic Fail

Daily Mail, Eat Your Heart Out. This Is How To Write A Headline

We’ve brought you inspired photo captions, the best internal memo AP ever published, and arguably the ultimate Daily Mail headline .

Now comes perhaps the most bizarre of all. A child-like, highly un-PC and very funny headline from an African paper (via Popbitch):

Bum Sex Scandal headline

One of the best photo captions ever
Is this the ultimate Daily Mail headline?
Polanski, AP and an epic Fail

Lost In Translation? Fox Anchor Tells Weatherman To ‘Keep F*&£ing That Chicken’

Perhaps you’re familiar with the work of FOX5 WNYW presenter Ernie Anastos. Maybe he does this all the time. Or just possibly, “keep f*&£ing that chicken” is acceptable slang in New York City.

But judging by the reaction of his co-presenter, possibly not.


 – Google Ads. FAIL
 – ‘Motherf*&£ing Bee.’ The Anchorman’s Sting
 – Fox News Anchor To Rupert Murdoch: ‘Mr Chairman Sir, Why Are You So Great?’

Google Ads. FAIL

Great spot by Martin Belam, aka currybetdotnet. If you’re inclined to visit the forum of the English Defence League (‘Peacefully Protesting Against Militant Islam’), you are likely to be greeted by this advert:


The introductory blurb to the forum is duly reassuring:

The EDL will not tolerate any racist or Islamaphobic behaviour on this forum. We are against Islamic Extremists and all that they stand for, but do not want innocent Muslims being victimised or abused.

So that’s okay then, and presumably that passing reference to “innocent Muslims” was enough for Google to serve an ad for, ‘The International Muslim Matimonial Site!’

I wonder whether any EDL members will be tempted to click through.

Fox News Anchor To Rupert Murdoch: ‘Mr Chairman Sir, Why Are You So Great?’
What’s Wrong With This Telegraph Front Page?
One Of The Best Photo Captions Ever

From Bacon Busters to Garden & Gun, Who Says Print Media Is In Crisis?

Garden_And_GardenWhen even the venerable Reader’s Digest is in trouble, you know the state of print publishing can’t be good.

But it turns out some weird and not-so wonderful titles are in rude health.

Channelling the spirit of Have I Got News For You, online mag Asylum has compiled a list of 15 of the weirdest magazines still in print.

Among those that make the list are Bacon Busters (Playboy for pig farmers, kinda); the spectacularly un-PC Cowboys & Indians; a magazine aimed at southern American folk called Y’all; and Miniature Donkey Talk for owners of, er, miniature donkeys.

A personal favourite is Garden & Gun, strapline: “Soul of the New South”. 

Rather disappointingly it turns out that not every cover features “a genteel Southern dame on the cover who’s about to murder a harmless goose”.

Ron Wood, Anchorman: Stung On YouTube
One Of The Best Photo Captions Ever

Wogan Wages War On The Anchorman

Ron_Burgundy_AnchormanAs I’m sure my latest hero Ron Wood will tell you, reading the news is a difficult, even dangerous, business.

Not so, says Sir Terry Wogan. The Radio 2 presenter dismisses it as a piece of cake, performed by the “self-important”.

Indeed, he says all you need to do is:

Get your good suit on and tie on, a quick dab in make up, make yourself comfy and here comes the six o’clock news, all written nicely and clearly before your eyes.

Over at the old place, Jon Snow unsurprisingly has a slightly different take. Writing on his Snowblog, the Channel 4 News presenter says:

It’s a piece of cake so long as you can absent yourself from any involvement in generating the material that you are reading.

The moment you combine newsreading with actual journalism, going after stories, trying to find out stuff, and the rest, it becomes much harder.

To say nothing of dealing with bee stings and interviewing your big boss.

 – Fox News Anchor To Rupert Murdoch: ‘Mr Chairman Sir, Why Are You So Great?’
 – Ron Wood, Anchorman: Stung On YouTube