Upcoming Frontline workshops: Writing for the Web and Mastering Social Media

My first two Frontline Club workshops of 2017 take place in the coming months. Here are the details:

How to Tweet – Mastering Social Media
Friday, 17 March 2017
1. Social Media: Understanding the basics
– What is social media and why it matters
Exercise #1: Defining social media
– Two tales from the newsroom that demonstrate the power of social
– Six ways journalists use social networks
2. Getting to grips with Twitter
– The Twitter Audit
– The Twitter Glossary
Exercise #2: How to Tweet
3. Social media in action
– When to post online: how consumption habits are changing
– Eleven examples of social media in action
– The Audit: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and the rest
Exercise #3: Creating a social media campaign
– How to manage your social media footprint all in one place
4. How to blog
– Blogging basics
– What kind of blogger are you? Introducing three archetypes
– Establishing a tone of voice
– How to get noticed
Exercise #4: Writing a blog post
– Blogging dos and don’ts
… Final thoughts: Eleven social media tips
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Writing for the Web with Jon Bernstein
Friday 21 April 2017
1. The principles of writing
– Why writing for the web is exactly the same as writing for print. And why it’s completely different
– What George Orwell can teach us about language and readability
– EXERCISE #1: Simplifying language
– EXERCISE #2: Decoding the press release
– Understanding online reading habits
– Six more tips for writing online
2. News writing and the fundamentals of storytelling
– The Inverted Pyramid of news. And why it still matters
– The Five Ws (and the H) of news
– How to define an audience
– Establishing length
– Defining tone of voice
– EXERCISE #3: Reworking the press release
3. Blogs, longer reads and structure
– How to create a structure
– How to plan
– How to blog: the ‘atomised’ Inverted Pyramid
– Three blogging archetypes that work
– EXERCISE #4: Writing a blog post
4. Headlines
– Why headlines matter more on the web
– Tailoring headlines for the web
– Newspaper headlines that probably don’t work online
– Headlines that do work online
– EXERCISE #5: Writing a killer online headline
5. SEO: an introduction
– A practical guide to keyword research
. . . Final thoughts
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If the London location is inconvenient or if you are looking for bespoke and/or in-house training, do please contact me directly.

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