Writing for the web: a June 2015 reading list

A random selection of articles on the art (or more accurately, the craft) of writing for the web:


Why I blog by Andrew Sullivan | The Atlantic (November 2008)

My life in the blogosphere by Ben Smith | BuzzFeed

Article treatment

In Defense of the Listicle by David Leonhardt | New York Times

How to make journalism work online: five writing tips by me | Press Gazette

Beyond the churn by Sarah Smarsh | Aeon

New Associated Press guidelines: keep it brief by Paul Farhi | Washington Post

Quartz’s Kevin Delaney: Time to kill the 800-word article by Brian Morrissey | Digiday

The allure of the finishable news experience by Sarah Marshall | NiemanLab

The homepage

64 Ways To Think About a News Homepage by Melody Joy Kramer | Medium

The homepage is dead, and the social web has won by Zachary M Seward | Quartz

Homepage as front page is an historical accident by me | Guardian Media Network


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