The Week’s Most Read Posts (14 – 20 Sep 2009)

  1. Perhaps you’re familiar with the work of FOX5 WNYW presenter Ernie Anastos. []
  2. What’s wrong with contextual advertising? This… []
  3. Google Fast Flip may still be in the labs but the search giant’s latest efforts should give some in the newspaper industry nightmares. []
  4. Video with bite and purpose – embeddable and spreadable – will become an election staple. []
  5. One of the best newspaper adaptations of the crowdsourcing idea is player ratings – rather than rely on the opinion of one sports reporter, an irregular watcher of the players on view, source the opinions of the fans. []
  6. ‘Croc Man Killed By Stingray’ was thelondonpaper’s very first front page splash when it went live on 5 September 2006. []
  7. Lehman Collapse Showed Power Of Print
    Implicit is the power of print. Despite the onward rush of digital, no where is a splash quite as effective than on the front page of a newspaper. []

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